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Made in Canada Hand-lettered and hand-made goodies

Hi I am Clarice.

I am a graphic and web designer based out of Toronto, Canada. I sell hand-lettered products. Almost everything on this site is or showcases artwork I have created.

My love for hand lettering started when I was designing a logo for a friend and wanted to use thick and thin lines, like in calligraphy to create it. You can read about my journey on my blog, here. I invested in a bunch of nibs and inks. I also ended up getting the iPad Pro and Apple pencil, which made hand-lettering even more fun and easy to do.

I’ve made available products made by rescused sex workers, from Sonagachi, India. Why? Because I want to make a difference in this world – even if it is something as small as supporting these ladies by pushing their products out to the masses. 100% of the profits from the sales go directly to the organization, Love Calcutta Arts. Learn more here.

Some of the many hats I wear include, wife, mother, Christ follower, cake lover, shoe lover, baker, etc. Thanks for visiting my store.


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