Hello, I'm Clarice

YouTube Creator & Watercolour Artist from Toronto, Canada.

Originally a graphic designer, I started my watercolour journey after my second baby, back in 2014. 

My YouTube channel was a source for me to share my knowledge on design and watercolour via tutorials. Watercolour took off and here we are today.

I firmly believe, art is therapy and it has no rules. If you paint for fun and keep an open mind, you have the most satisfying feeling of accomplishment that is priceless.

Family Life

Introducing my beautiful family. My husband, Richard is of Jamaican descent. We met at youth group in church almost two decades ago. Richard was a massive support in helping me run my freelance design business. We tag teamed on several projects that required complicated website design. He was the IT to my design :).

Our two mixed babies make us proud every day. My sweet girl, Hayden is a strong independent gymnast. She is kind and compassionate and always looks for ways to help people. Spencer is my sweet boy who took his first steps walking toward my glass of red wine. He is also a kind sweetheart – currently obsessed with Fortnite

Watercolour Experiences

I love a good glass of wine or GnT, flowers and watercolour. Put them together and you get a fabulous watercolour experience event. Outside of sharing watercolour through my YouTube tutorials, I also spread the love through experience events such as “Watercolour in the Vineyard”. After all who doesn’t love a good time with wine, views and painting!
Relaxing much? Indeed.

Private Events

Celebrate with a Watercolour Experience

birthdays, bachelorette parties, corporate team-building events

Send me a message to chat about hosting your private paint party.

*No previous experience required to have fun.